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July, 2010 Monthly archive

The REAL Answers to Questions About NCARB Fees Increase
In the spirit of one of my favorite Cincinnati radio personalities Earl Pitts: “Ya’ know what makes me sick? You know what makes me so angry?” Mostly the lack of integrity of every corporation in the United States. I am not talking about BP, which is equally disgusting, but today is NCARB’s day to shine. I, like many of my fellow architects found my self in complete shock when I read the latest newsletter released by NCARB: NCARB’s e-Connection -July 2010: Answers to Questions About NCARB Fees. I am hosting a PDF version of the article on my site, because as I have discussed in previous articles, NCARB has a habit of quietly changing information. The questions and answers should not concern you, because they are as scripted as any interview you might find on a daytime television talk show. In nearly every case fees have doubled! But WHY?

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