Urban Art Museum

June, 2012 Monthly archive

The thought of constructing buildings out of gold may seem like a ridiculous conjecture, but history reveals that this absurd notion is not only a reality of a time past, but that constructing structures of gold in modern times is more tangible than ever. Although many religious structures throughout history contain decorative elements and even domes which have been leafed in gold, none of these structures rival the Bupaya Pagoda and Sripuram Temple in scale. The Bupaya Pagoda located in Pagan, Myanmar is entirely adorned in gold leaf. The spectacle of the pagoda is only outdone by the fantastic Sripuram Temple which is located in India. The temple is the largest gold structure in the entire world and is constructed of 1500kg of gold! Gold has signified wealth and prosperity since the 700BC when the first gold coins were struck. Today modern technology has permitted the re-exploration of gold as a viable treatment for structures throughout the world.

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