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For those of you that don’t know, this little guy to the left is Link from the amazing Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda.  We loved this game so much that we created a feature titled Link of the Week, which highlights the best and the worst resources found on the internet.  The problem with the internet today is that there is a seemingly infinite amount of information available which proves to be intimidating for many architects. The fact is that many of us cannot waste valuable time searching the internet looking for the latest firms, blogs or other architectural related content. Our Link of the Week feature highlights a site that we think stands out in what is an apparent endless sea of crap. We rate sites all of the internet base on how much we love them. Zero hearts we hated the site, 5 hearts we visit every day! This rating is supported with a detailed analysis that discusses the pros and cons of each site.  The best part is you can join in the discussion and let us know what you think!
If you can’t find what you are looking for in our Link of the Week section, don’t worry, we have created a large and soon to be largest collection of architecturally related sites on the net.  We are in the process of adding TEN YEARS worth of internet research to our site!  Nearly every day we update our catalogue, so check our site frequently for the latest and greatest architectural internet resources.  Below is a list and brief description of the link categories that are documented under Architecture Links section of this site:

Architecture Blog Links
Our mission is to bring you critical original architectural content, but sometimes you need something else.  Looking for the latest and greatest news?  Or simply want to look at endless sexy renderings of buildings that few can afford and even fewer can build?  Well, there are a lot of sites that do this and they do if very well.  When you can’t find what you are looking for on Critique This, odds are that you are going to find it on our Architecture Blog links category page.

Architecture Firm Links
Sometimes its hard to find a firms website even when you know there name.  We solve that problem and many others.  We list only quality design firms on our Architecture Firm links category page.  Search by name, location, description or even make your decision to click or not based on the thumbnail provided.

Architecture Magazine Links
There are a lot of architecture magazines available.  Some are free and worth their weight in gold, while others are expensive and offer little analysis or substance.  This list will continually be updated until a complete list of links for architectural magazines has been compiled.  We not only give you the link, but let you know about the cost and what the focus of the architectural magazine is.

Architecture Product & Material Manufacturer Links
Developing great working relationships with material and product manufacturers is just as important as being a great designer or detailer. Without these guys the full potential of your design will never be realized. Here is a collection of material, product and system manufacturers that we use and or think that they are worthy of using in the future.

Architecture Professional Organization Links
There are many professional organizations related to the field of architecture. Some of these organizations are active lobbyist protecting the profession, others are merely concerned with generating revenue. Having trouble finding a professional organization? We are working hard to list all these sources here.

Architecture Registration Examination
A collection of links to sites that contain information relevant to the various Architecture Registration Exams, passing rates, and just about anything else related to the ARE.

Construction Organizations
There are a number of organizations related to the field of construction. These range from testing agencies, building codes, and organizations that are dedicated to lobbying for particular materials. They are all listed here with a brief description of why you need these links.

Digital Fabrication & Fabricators
Fabrication should be integral to any architectural practice, unfortunately it is not. There are many firms that place great emphasis on fabrication, use of CNC fabrication tools, and fabricators that lie somewhere between artist and master craftsmen. We highlight links from all of these areas.

State Boards of Architecture Registration
A complete listing of every State Boards of Architecture and Registration in the United States. Links to the State Boards’ website and mailing addresses are supplied. Further information regarding licensure requirements for each state and regulations regarding architecture reciprocity can be found at the State Board’s respective website.

A complete list along with a brief description of all accredited architectural programs in the United States plus a few other schools that we feel are worth noting.

Web Design
Web design is a very important aspect to becoming a successful architect, because the internet is a level playing field for architects to communicate their ideas and display their work for the world to see.

Is there a link that you think should be listed here? Is there a category that we are missing or you still can’t find what you are looking for? Tell us about it! We try to document the best web resources on the internet for you, but we cannot do it alone. If you feel that you have information that others will find useful fill out the easy to use contact form below and we will address the issue or add the link as soon as we can.